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We offer skid steer and light excavation services to homeowners and commercial companies in Southeastern Pennsylvania.  With a fleet of machinery and equipment, our experienced operators are prepared to help you tackle a variety of projects around your property. 

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Description of Services

Land Clearing & Removal
From fence line clearing and heavy brush mowing to fully wooded lots, we can clear overgrown areas of your property and can haul away the brush leaving a fresh, clean landscape to use or build on.  Whether it’s new construction or renovation, our team can help you reclaim your backyard or pasture while saving you time and money.


Stump Grinding/Removal
If you need a stump out of your way, we can grind them down below grade or dig them out and remove completely leaving a smooth, flat surface ready for landscaping or construction. 


Pasture Clearing & Mowing   
If you’re looking to establish or reclaim an area for pastures and/or horse paddocks, we offer pasture clearing and mowing services.


Affordable rates for excavation from ponds to pools.  We can coordinate with your contractor, just leave it to us!  Our specialties include utility digs, building/shed pads, backfill, pool digs, retaining walls, downspouts/storm drains and more…


Concrete Prep & Removal
We can demolish and remove your existing concrete patio, driveway, pool, etc., or prepare for new installations.  From digging deck footers to foundations, call us to see how we can help with your project!   


Gravel Driveway & Lot Installation/Repair
We can fix potholes and overgrown areas of your existing gravel driveway or parking lot, or we can design and install one from scratch! 


Land Grading & Drainage Management
Our land grading services can ensure that your property has the proper drainage necessary.  We can also design and install a custom drainage solution that suits the needs of your property.  We offer water-proofing services as well.     


We can trench areas for running underground irrigation or electric. 


We can demolish and remove existing structures or foundations to create space or make way for new construction. 

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